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Our technology works for you

National technology for definitive solutions

DARLEX intends, through a policy of exclusive customer service, to cover all the needs that are presented on a daily basis and in the projects of Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Centers, Hospitals, Hospitality and collectivities in general.

Custom solutions

In a global world, customized solutions

For a while now we have seen how companies standardize their products without thinking of their customers, only in maximizing the results of their companies. From DARLEX we have proposed to humanize our business relationships.

Experience, enthusiasm, determination and service


Customer Oriented Service

DARLEX was born with the firm determination of service towards the client. Our path begins 20 years ago in different companies in the sector, where each of the components of the company has developed its work.

The current circumstances make it necessary to join different disciplines related to hospitality and industry services from a radically traditional and effectively novel perspective.


Professional and personalized

That is our main asset. Current companies need many advantages, mainly price, but also quality, design, products that comply with regulations, variety, etc.

There are many companies that correspond to these characteristics, even some exceed them, however all of them have dehumanized the deal with the customer, turning it into a simple number on the computer.


We offer solutions to your needs

For DARLEX there is only the client, we want to know it, know its problems, design its own, definitive solutions. We think we are able to provide personalized services at a fair price. We know that our products are important in your projects, but we also know that our customers feel safe with us because it is clear that we cannot avoid mistakes but we can ensure that we will solve the problems with effective and honest service.

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Phone: (+34) 93 389 62 22
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